August 23, 2021, Special City Council Meeting Minutes

The special meeting of the Mazeppa City Council was called to order at 6:04 PM by Mayor Chris Hagfors.

Pledge of allegiance was said.

Present:             Council Persons: Erica Young, Jeff Nelson, and Steve Liffrig.

Others Present:  City Administrator Clerk Karl Nahrgang, Dustin Wiebusch, Bob Josselyn, John Clemens, and Carol Clemens.

Attending via telephone: Mayor Chris Hagfors.

Purpose of this meeting was to hear a variance request. A variance request requires a public hearing, so a public hearing date was set.

Motion by Young, second by Liffrig to set a public hearing for a variance from Mazeppa Land Management Ordinance setback requirements for a project at 387 Cherry St. E. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.

Motion by Nelson, second by Young to adjourn the meeting. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:09 PM.