December 22, 2021, City Council Working Session Meeting Minutes

The regular City Council meeting of the Mazeppa City Council was called to order at 6:03 PM by Mayor Chris Hagfors.

Pledge of allegiance was said.

Present:             Mayor Chris Hagfors. Councilpersons: Erica Young, Jeff Nelson, and Mike Hammes.

Others Present:   City Administrator Karl Nahrgang, City Engineer Matt Mohs.

Attending via electronic meeting: Bob Josselyn, John Clemens.

Discussion of options for streets and flood control in the 4th Ave. NE Chestnut St. area.

Portion of 4th Ave. is privately owned installed by the former manufactured home park owner. The City has maintained this area for several years. Current owner of manufactured home park wants to develop this area for more housing units and a public storage facility. Current property owner plans to remove private road to alleviate liability concerns and to be able to re-route runoff to facilitate storage unit or housing unit project.

City options:

Route 4th Ave. NE to Chestnut St. on the designated, but unused right-of-way, elevating the roadway enough to create a small detention pond to help decrease the possibilities of downstream watershed issues.

Property owner private road. City would dead-end 4th Ave. NE at Elm St. right-of-way. Concerns about public safety. Point made that many communities have entire neighborhoods built on limited access.

City could purchase land from current property owner for future flood control project and spread cost and prioritize over a longer time frame.

More information would be needed. Such a price to purchase property for flood control.

Motion by Nelson, second by Young to recess until 6:30PM, December 28, 2021 for Council participation in Parks and Recreation committee meeting. All in favor, none opposed. Carried.

Next meeting:   December 28, 2021, 6:30 PM for a working session.

Meeting recessed at 7:02 PM.