Ordinance No. 11-2


Table of Contents

Section 1. Supervision by City.

All plumbing within the City of Mazeppa, whether in connecting water mains and appliances or otherwise, shall be under the supervision and subject to the approval of the Public Works Director of the City.

Section 2. Sanitary Sewers Not to Connect to Storm Sewers.

It shall be unlawful for any person within the City of Mazeppa to connect any sanitary sewer within said City with any of the storm sewers of said City.

Section 3. Requirements and Inspection.

(a) When any plumbing work or connections are completed and ready for inspection, the Public Works Director of said City of Mazeppa shall be notified, and all work shall be left uncovered and convenient for examination until inspected and approved.

(b) The Public Works Director, or his duly authorized assistant, shall examine said plumbing work and connections within one working day after receiving the notice hereinafter specified.

(c) The Public Works Director shall not approve the work done unless he finds that it substantially complies with all of the regulations then promulgated by the Public Works Director.

Section 4. Regulations.

The regulations of the Public Works Department shall include the Minnesota State Plumbing Code, and all plumbing work and connections shall be in accordance with it.