Ordinance No. 03-1


Table of Contents

Section 1. What Animals Shall Not Be Loose Upon the Streets.

No person shall allow any horses, mules, asses, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, kids, or domestic fowl to run at large or shall herd or picket such animals on the public streets, alleys, or ground.

Section 2. Providing for an Animal Pound.

Any suitable place within or without the City limits may be established as the animal pound of the City, or the City Council may construct and maintain such a pound.

Section 3. City Marshal Shall Impound.

The police officers of the City or such persons as may be designated by the Council may take up and impound in the animal pound any animal found running at large in violation of this ordinance and shall provide proper sustenance for all animals so impounded.

Section 4. Impounding Notice.

Within 24 hours after any animal has been impounded, the City Clerk shall post written or printed notice in 3 or more conspicuous public places in the City, describing said animal and stating that the same has been impounded and shall deliver to the owner of keeper thereof all animals that may beredeemed, upon payment of the cost of impounding.

Section 5. Clerk to Collect Cost of Impounding.

The clerk shall collect from the owners or persons desiring to redeem any animal mentioned in Section 1 which has been impounded a sum of money as impound fees pursuant to resolution of the Council.

Section 6. Selling of Impounded Animals.

If any animal taken up and impounded has not been redeemed on or before the date of disposal set forth below, the animal shall be disposed of. The City Clerk shall give notice of impounding such animal to the owner thereof, if known, and if the owner is not known, by posting a conspicuous notice in at least 3 places in the City. The “date of disposal” shall be the next day following at least 5 business days and at least 9 calendar days after impoundment. “Business day” shall be defined as a day during which the impoundment facility is open to the public for at least 4 consecutive hours.

Section 7. Disposition of Proceeds of Sale.

The Clerk, after paying the expenses of impounding, keeping, and sale of such animal, shall hold the balance of the proceeds of such sale for the benefit of the owner of the animal or animals, and if not claimed in 30 days, such funds shall be placed in the general fund of the City.

Section 8. Breaking Pound.

No person shall break open, or aid, or assist in, counsel or advise, the breaking open of a pound, or take or let out or attempt to take or let out, any animal legally placed therein, except the same be done by an officer duly authorized by law.

Section 9. Clerk’s Report.

The Clerk shall at the first regular meeting of the Council following the impounding of any animal, make and certify to a report of all animals reclaimed, and by whom, and all money received therefor, and also of all sales of animals and the amount received therefor, and from whom.