Ordinance No. 07-1


Table of Contents

Section 1. Definition.

The term “fireworks” shall be defined using the definition in Minnesota Statutes Section 624.20.

Section 2. Sale Prohibited.

All sale, possession, or display for sale of fireworks within the City is prohibited, provided, however, that the sale of lawful fireworks as defined under Minnesota Statutes shall be allowed in the City.

Section 3. Discharge Regulated and Prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to set off or discharge any fireworks within this City at any time, provided that pyrotechnical displays may be authorized in the manner and within the limitations prescribed in Minnesota Statutes, 1969, Section 624.22, and further provided that the discharge of legal fireworks as defined under Minnesota Statutes shall be allowed.

Section 4. Discharge of Firearms Prohibited without a Permit.

No person shall fire, discharge, or explode any gun, pistol, air gun, BB gun, or other firearm or weapon in any part of the City without a permit from the City Council. Such permit shall be in writing and shall be issued by the Council in its discretion upon application to it. All weapons carried by a person arrested for the violation of this ordinance shall be confiscated upon arrest, and upon conviction under this ordinance, they shall be retained as public nuisances, and no liability shall be incurred therefor to any person.

Section 5. Exception.

Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit any firing of gun pistol or other weapon when done in the lawful defense of person, property, or family or in the necessary defense or enforcement of the laws.