Ordinance No. 09-1


Table of Contents

Section 1. Fire Department Established.

There is hereby established for the City a Volunteer Fire Department consisting of a Fire Chief, an Assistant Chief, a Fire Warden, and as many men as the City Council may from time to time deem necessary for the safety and protection of the City from conflagration.

Section 2. Duties of Chief of Fire Department.

The Chief shall have control over all fire fighting apparatus and shall be responsible for its care and condition. He shall report to the City Council at its first regular meeting in April and November of each year as to the condition of the equipment and needs of the Fire Department. He may submit additional reports and recommendations to the Council at any time and shall report suspension of members of the Fire Department at the first meeting of the Council following such suspension. He shall be responsible for the proper training and discipline of the members of the Fire Department and may suspend any member for refusal or neglect to obey orders, pending final action by the Council on his discharge or retention.

Section 3. Chief to Keep Records.

The Chief shall keep in convenient form a complete record of all fires. Such record shall include the time of the alarm, location of fire, cause of fire, if known, type of building, name of owner and tenant, purpose for which occupied, members of the department responding to the alarm, and such other information as he may deem advisable or as may be required form time to time by the City Council or State Insurance Department.

Section 4. Duties of Assistant Chief.

The Assistant Chief shall, in the absence or disability of the Chief, perform all the functions and exercise all of the authority of the Chief.

Section 5. Duties of Fire Warden.

The Fire Warden shall enforce the fire ordinance of the City and report any violations thereof to the City Council.

Section 6. Practice Drills.

The Chief shall hold, at his discretion, at least 12 hours of training per year for the Fire Department and give the firemen instruction in approved methods of fire fighting and fire prevention.

Section 7. Members.

The names of all persons seeking to become members of the Fire Department must be voted on by the existing members of the department, and if elected, their names must be presented to the City Council for approval or rejection. Members of the first companies shall be approved by the Council.

Section 8. Compensation.

The members and officers of the Fire Department shall receive compensation as the Council may from time to time provide by resolution.

Section 9. Relief Association.

The members and officers of the Fire Department shall organize themselves into a Firemen’s Relief Association.

Section 10. False Alarm — Refusal to Aid.

No persons shall give or make, or cause to be given or made, an alarm of fire without probable cause, or shall neglect or refuse to obey any reasonable order of the Chief at a fire.