Ordinance No. 09-2


Table of Contents

Section 1. Conditions Prohibited.

No owner, agent, or occupant of any building in the City shall allow any ashes, waste paper, hay, straw, rags, or other waste materials of a combustible nature to accumulate in the basement or on any floor of any building, or in any hallway, courtyard, or alley adjoining any building owned, controlled, or occupied by such person except that hay and straw may be stored in buildings where livestock is housed. No such person shall permit to exist upon any premises as aforesaid any electric wiring or defective heating device or part thereof, including flues and chimneys of that character, or use or permit to exist on any premises, buildings, or structures, or any portion thereof, which by reason of want of repairs, age, dilapidated condition or damage by fire, or any other cause, are especially liable to fire, or which are so situated or are in such condition as to endanger its occupants or persons therein, or the general public.

Section 2. Access to Premises.

For the purpose of making inspections, the Fire Chief or other properly designated officer shall have authority to enter any dwelling or other building and upon any premises in the City between the hours of 9 o’clock a.m. and 5 o’clock p.m. Such officer as aforesaid shall notify in writing persons violating the
provisions of Section 2 thereof to correct any such condition found offensive to this ordinance. Any such order concerning combustible materials shall be complied with within 48 hours after service. Any such order concerning defective equipment or unsound construction shall be complied with within a reasonable time, and such notice shall specify such reasonable time. Upon failure to comply with any such notice, the same shall be reported to the City Council.

Section 3. Storing Inflammables.

It shall be unlawful for any person to keep for sale, storage, or any purpose whatsoever, in any building within the corporate limits of the City of Mazeppa, any gasoline, naphtha, benzene, petroleum, or flammable or explosive oils of whatever sort, except in accordance with the provisions of this section of this ordinance.

Amounts of said substances above described may be kept in buildings within the City of Mazeppa, provided that such quantities are kept enclosed in metal receptacles, free from leaks, and said substances may be drawn from said receptacles only by daylight or electric light.

Quantities of said substances not exceeding 55 gallons may be kept or stored within the City of Mazeppa in air-tight receptacles if kept exclusively in a shed or enclosure removed at least 30 feet from any other building.

Larger quantities of said substances than those above specified may be kept or stored within said City if kept in underground standard tanks with standard pumps for removing the same, which tanks or receptacles must be at least 5 feet from any building, and in such case, said receptacles or tanks shall be so arranged that they will be lower than the lowest pipe in the building used in connection with the pump connected with said tanks.

Section 4. Gasoline and Benzene Containers.

It shall be unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed any gasoline or benzene in quantities of more than one pint and less than 6 gallons in any receptacle except one of bright red color tagged and/or labeled in plain letters with the name of the contents.