Ordinance No. 04-2


Table of Contents

Section 1. Permit Required.

No person shall move, haul, or transport any house, building, derrick, or other structure of the height of 16 feet or more, of a width of 15 feet or more, or which cannot be moved at a speed of 4 miles per hour or more, upon, across, or over any street or alley without first obtaining a permit therefor as hereinafter provided.

Section 2. Manner of Obtaining Permits.

All applications for permits to move houses, buildings, derricks, or other structures mentioned in Section 1 shall be made in writing to the City Clerk, specifying the date and hour said moving is to commence, and the street route over which said building or structure shall be moved. If it shall be necessary to cut down, move, raise, or in any other way interfere with any wires or poles, the application shall state the name of the owner of said wires and poles, the time and place when and where removal of and/or cutting, raising, or other interference with said wires will be necessary. A permit to move shall in all cases issue upon an appropriate resolution of the City Council, provided, however, that in all cases involving the moving of newly constructed houses or buildings, the Building Inspector shall be authorized to issue the necessary permit when the City Council theretofore by resolution shall have approved the manufacturer, contractor, or mover thereof.

Section 3. Fee for Permit.

Before a permit to move any house, building, derrick, or other structure is granted under the provisions hereof, the applicant for said permit shall pay to the City Clerk a permit fee to be set by the City Council by resolution, which shall be deposited to the credit of the general fund of the City.

Section 4. Surety Bond Required.

Every person at the time of making application for a permit as provided in Section 2 hereof shall execute in favor of the City a good and sufficient surety bond to be approved by the Building Inspector, indemnify the City against any loss by reason of damage to streets or other City property, and saving the City harmless from any damage to private property or damage suit resulting from the failure of such person to comply with the provisions hereof, or from their negligence.

Section 5. Notice to Owners of Wires and Poles.

The City Clerk shall upon filing of such application give not less than 5 days written notice to the person owning or operating such wires and poles or to their agents of the time when and the place where removal of said poles, or the cutting, raising, or otherwise interfering with said wires shall be necessary.

Section 6. Duty of Owners of Wires and Poles.

Every person owning or operating said poles or wires after service of notice as required in Section 3 shall furnish
competent workmen or linemen to remove such poles, or raise or cut wires, as may be necessary to facilitate the moving of such house, building, derrick, or structure. The necessary expense which is incurred thereby shall be paid by the holder of the moving permit.

Section 7. Duty of House Movers.

No person engaged in moving any house, building, derrick, or other structure shall raise, cut, or in any way interfere with any such poles or wires unless the persons or authorities owning or having control of the same shall neglect or refuse to do so after having been notified as required in Section 5; thereupon, the person or persons engaged in such moving may employ competent and experienced workmen or linemen to perform the necessary work, which shall be done in a careful and workmanlike manner, and the poles and wires shall be promptly replaced, and the damage thereto promptly repaired.

Section 8. Duty of the Building Inspector.

The Building Inspector shall from time to time inspect the progress of the moving of any building, house or other structure and see that said house, building, or other structure is being moved in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance.

Section 9. Red Lights, Lanterns, and Flags to be Displayed.

Any person moving any of the structures mentioned in Section 1 of this ordinance upon, across, or over any street, alley, or other public place, shall display red lights, lanterns, or flags pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 169.52.

Section 10. Penalty.

Violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall constitute a misdemeanor, and each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense and be punished accordingly. The penalty imposed by this section shall be in addition to the remedies contained in Sections 5, 6, and 7.