Ordinance No. 02-3


Table of Contents

Section 1. Definitions.

(a) A “mechanical amusement device” is a machine, which upon the insertion of a coin or slug, operates or may be operated for use as a game, contest, or amusement of any description or which may be used for any such game, contest, or amusement.

(b) An “automatic payoff device” includes any mechanism, which, upon operation of a mechanical amusement device, returns money, coins, checks, tokens, or merchandise, but does not include mechanisms which return slugs which may be used only in such device.

Section 2. License Required.

No person shall maintain, keep, or sell within the City, a mechanical amusement device, as hereinbefore defined, without first obtaining a license therefor from the City Council, but no such license shall be issued for any
machine or device which is a gambling device or contains an automatic payoff device.

Section 3. License.

The City Clerk is hereby authorized to issue a license when authorized by the City council for the keeping, maintenance, or sale of a mechanical amusement device to any person of good moral character. The license fee shall be set by resolution of the City Council. An amusement device so licensed may be transferred form one place to another in the City upon the issuance of a permit to do so by the City Council. Before such permit shall be issued, the person desiring to transfer such machine shall file with the City Clerk an application to do so, giving the name and address of the place from and to which the machine is to be transferred.

Section 4. Operation by Minors.

No person shall permit a licensed mechanical amusement device to be operated by any minor under the age of 18 years, except when such minor shall then and there by accompanied by his or her parent or guardian.

Section 5. Prizes for Operation.

No person shall give any prize, award, merchandise, gift, or anything of value to any person on account of operation of such device.

Section 6. Converted Devices — Use for Gambling.

No person shall keep, maintain, sell, or permit to be operated in his place of business any mechanical amusement device which has been equipped with an automatic payoff device, and no person shall equip any mechanical amusement device with an automatic payoff device.

Section 7. Seizure and Destruction of Offending Machines.

Any machine, apparatus, contrivance, or device which shall have been made use of in violation of the terms of this ordinance may be seized and destroyed.

Section 8. Violation a Misdemeanor.

Any person who shall keep, maintain, operate, or sell within the City any mechanical amusement device without first paying the license fee therefor, shall operate such device or permit the same to be operated for gambling, or shall otherwise violate the terms of this ordinance, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.